Factory Builders

The Tilt-Up Team is a group of professional factory builders servicing Sydney, Greater NSW and the Central Coast. We offer onsite concrete tilt-up panel construction and can quote you for other concrete applications, including piers, ground, and mezzanine slabs for all your warehouse building needs.


How Does Our Tilt-Up Factory Construction Work?

Tilt-Up panels involves fabricating large concrete panels onsite, with the ability to stack cast wall panels on top of each other.  Then panels are lifted (tilted) and held in position by special supports known as 'props' or 'braces'. One end of a prop attaches to a cast-in ferrule on the vertical concrete panel, while the other end is directly fastened into the slab itself. Once each panel has been erected and fastened together, the building will be stable and ready for completion.


Why Choose us as Your Warehouse Builders?

Our dedicated team of industrial warehouse builders provide a comprehensive service, including architectural and engineering services for your panel drawings. Tilt-Up Panels increase productivity, saving time, and eliminating transport costs, helping us offer a highly cost-effective service.

Empire Building Constructions and The Tilt-Up Team is a trusted name in the NSW construction industry - contact us today to give your building project the right start.